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Studio A Salon Company is happy to provide several sunless tanning services.

If you are looking for a radiant glow without UV rays, you will be happy to know we can provide you with options that will give you equally fantastic results. One of the services we offer is custom airbrush tanning. In this sunless alternative, our technicians use a solution of DHA that activates the natural pigmentation of your skin. This is applied by hand using a compressor and an airbrush, giving you a beautiful, golden tan that looks natural and perfectly suits your skin tone.

Another option is our spray tan booth, which gives a beautiful, natural look you get after a day at the beach without having to spend hours in the sun. Because the spraying is not done by hand, this is a great option for those who feel more comfortable in a private booth.

To ensure you get the best results, our technicians can go over every step of the process with you, helping you choose the right level of color, showing you how to stand and teaching you what to do to get a gorgeous, sunless tan.

Airbrush Spray Tan


Airbrush tans are applied by a tanning salon technician using a special machine that coats your skin evenly with a tanning solution pigmented to match your desired results.

30 min

Tan Booster Shots


Add booster shots to enhance color, add moisture, prep your tan & more!

Before your session:

Do not shave 24 hours prior to visit.
Shower and exfoliate. Use a body scrub, not a bar soap. You want to remove excess skin cells so the product adheres evenly and you have a fresh canvas for your spray.
Spend a little extra time exfoliating areas with thick skin, such as knees, elbows and ankles. This will help you from developing bronzer build up in these areas and keep your color even.
If skin is dry, use light lotion at least 2 hours prior. Lotion used right before the session will prevent the spray from penetrating and will decrease the effectiveness of your spray.
Apply barrier cream to your cuticles and nail beds to ward off excess color buildup in those areas. Apply barrier cream to the palms of your hands so you get a natural-looking tan. Just be sure to blend the edges well for a natural fade line.
Remove any makeup.

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